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Any relationship starts with friendship and it is very important to have a strong friendship.  But nowadays we can see that many relationships break up more quickly than they are reconciled. Why does this happen? What are the things that affect our relationship?  No, so that all these mistakes are made by us, I believe that all these problems will be solved by this book, if you read this book, you will know.  And it explains you in very simple,

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Books by Vishal Gopal Chaudhari

Al had been very naughty since childhood.  He was curious about everything.  He had once been doing something similar in a backyard for ducks and hens.  When his sister found him, all his clothes and legs were yellow.  When asked, "What happened to the clothes?"  Addison!  Edison literally and relentlessly pursued his own curiosity throughout his life.  He made the revolutionary invention of the electric lamp, but he al

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The goodness of poetry!

By Vishal Chaudhari in Humour | Reads: 1,685 | Likes: 0

This story is the story of an incident that happened to poet , he always preaches to people with the power of his poetry. THE Goodness Of Poetry ! When I was thirteen years old, my father was a very famous poet of our town, he used to go from place to place and preach to people through his poetry.  Read More...

Published on Oct 13,2022 11:59 PM

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