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Siya Sawhney and Seher Ramteke


Siya Sawhney and Seher Ramteke are two young poets and friends who share a passion for poetry and expressing themselves through this art form. You can contact them through their email address siyaseherpoetry@gmail.com.Read More...


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Books by Siya Sawhney & Seher Ramteke

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Books by Siya Sawhney & Seher Ramteke

Catharsis is a collection of heartfelt, relatable and refreshing poetry, mixed with a tiny bit of hope to keep you afloat. It aims to evoke a sense of belonging, and convey a journey through the highs and lows of living. 

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By Siya Sawhney and Seher Ramteke in Young Adult Fiction | Reads: 585 | Likes: 2

Stop shaking. Why are your hands trembling so much? Why is your foot banging against the ground? Stop shaking. Get yourself together. Stop shaking. As soon as my lashes tuck in the fatigue in my eyes, I’m beyond relieved. A moment of silence hovers upon me where my head can stop spinning, and   Read More...

Published on Jul 7,2022 02:39 PM

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