We're All Hypocrites, But Who's Keeping Score?

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Ever notice how we all battle our own demons, yet struggle to empathize with others facing theirs? It's a paradox, isn't it? This book isn't about solving my emotions or experiences. It's more like a raw commentary on life as I see it. Join me on this journey through the complexities of human feelings and society's gossip. I'm diving deep into introspection, offering insights that might just change the way you see things. Let's explore the tangled web of our e

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Vedavalli and the Prince

Books by Divyasshree

What is Vedavalli's true motivation for helping the prince?

Vedavalli, the advisor to the Queen of Malla, is faced with a difficult decision when the Prince of Anga, Mukund, arrives in her kingdom, accused of murdering his cousin. Despite her queen's objections, Vedavalli decides to help Mukund clear his name, believing that there is a connection between the border issue and the cousin's death.

As Vedavalli and the prince start investiga

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Books by Sshree

The backdrop of the story is an illustrious five star hotel in one of the touristy places of the country. A new team of IT staff (or rather a misfit) is formed for managing the experience of customers who arrive at the hotel.  The team members have different personalities and think very differently from each other however, their personal and professional lives get mired by fate.

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From the Other Side, with Love

By Divyasshree in Supernatural | Reads: 2,577 | Likes: 4

In separation, people find pain. Some experience loneliness. I found love. It has been four hours since Daksh and Amaira filed for divorce much to their families disapproval. The sun was just starting to set over the city of Kaland. As traffic lay waste to the streets of the city, Amaira could not b  Read More...

Published on Jun 28,2022 05:10 PM

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