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The Howling Alpha and the Sword of Bane

Books by Ramsha Rais

Zane and Derek had landed in Pamlivam, the land of vampires, it was extremely unsafe for them over there, but soon enough they found a safe haven and became friends with Daisy, a vampire. A lot of things happened with Zane in Pamlivam and he returned a changed man. A broken man. After many years, the sword of Bane, a very powerful magical artefact, had resurfaced. It could save all, or destroy all. Could Zane get the sword before someone else? Could he save th

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The Howling Alpha and the Forest of Deception

Books by Ramsha Rais

Byrandan, the planet of werewolves, gets attacked by the vampires from the planet of Pamlivam. The young werewolf prince, Zane, manages to escape and finds his way to Earth, the planet of humans. Still being a young werewolf, he doesn't know how to protect himself. He doesn't even know his own capabilities or strength.
Werewolves and vampires, both having the ability of shifting forms, are dangerous to each other. In his human form, Zane passes as a human,

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Books by Ramsha Rais

Normally when you are eighteen year-old,you are a casual teenager with casual problems, but Sam here isnt the same. He has the weight of the world upon his shoulders! Ronald,with a beaten-up past, makes up his mind to destroy the world and make others suffer like they made him. The only thing getting in his way is Sam, with his time-travelling capabilites. Will Sam be able to stop Ronald from making the vaccine? Or will it be too late? But its never actually t

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The inseparable brothers

By RAMSHA RAIS in Fantasy | Reads: 995 | Likes: 0

There lived these two friends. One was Elijah and the other, Lucas. They had gone to the forest for hunting when they came across a deer. A deer who could talk. Elijah was going to shoot it but it started speaking and said. Go to the top of the Green Hill.  You will get what you need but not   Read More...

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Cal and Jeff

By RAMSHA RAIS in Mythology | Reads: 1,237 | Likes: 0

On the island of Ogygia lived Calypso. She could never leave the island, it was her curse. She would just live on forever on the island , her prison, all alone, with no way in or out of the island.Just like that, one bright sunny morning, Calypso woke up and found a boy lying at the bank of the ocea  Read More...

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Sweet or sour

By RAMSHA RAIS in Romance | Reads: 1,129 | Likes: 1

Year- 2027 In the city of Abinora. Rachael sat under the apple tree. Her mother had recently passed away and that was their favourite spot. She sobbed as she flattened the grass beside her with her bare palms.  She missed her so much. A ball rolled towards her and she looked at it. A beautiful  Read More...

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Trapped for eternity

By RAMSHA RAIS in Adventure | Reads: 971 | Likes: 0

Sarah was a really studious girl and she loathed mathematics. Yes, although she was august in all her subjects, she could never get those maths problems, right. One thing or the other was always the complication . All the teachers tried to edify her mind with maths but she had made up her mind that   Read More...

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