Saksham Pandita

Author and Student
Author and Student


The Undiscovered World

Books by Saksham Pandita

Saksham and his friends are trapped on a planet full of aliens. What could go wrong? 

Saksham is a 19 years old boy, who with his friend Alex and Hemank, get trapped on a planet full of creepy aliens. Somehow they manage to find a place to live, thinking it will help them get back. After overcoming many difficulties, they find the king of the planet, Artingo, who is very cruel. They fight and get their way back to their home, saving the

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Books by Saksham Pandita

David, Peter and John are three best friends who travel all around the Amazon forest searching for the Golden Palace. They faced several challenges but overcame them. They saved a life, fought a tiger, defeated a demon, and did many brave things on their way to the Golden Palace. They also got David's enemy, Robert, arrested because he intended to destroy the palace. At last, they all help many poor people with the money they got after selling the palace. 

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The Buried Treasure

By Saksham Pandita in Adventure | Reads: 4,412 | Likes: 186

“Hey look what I got!” exclaimed Oscar, holding a crumbled and tattered paper in his hand. Oscar and Jacob, had come to my house after we met at the hotel “Green Alpha” for a party after a year. Oscar and Jacob were my classmates and my best friends, but after we finished our  Read More...

Published on Jun 13,2022 05:16 PM

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