Johan Cinoj


The Edge of Destiny

Books by Johan Cinoj

his book is about  a fearless and skilled adventurer named Jake and Sarah, who yearns for excitement and purpose.Jake and Sarah with a mysterious and dangerous mission that sets the stage for an epic adventure.

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The Haunted Woods

Books by Johan Cinoj

This book has 26 pages and is about a girl named clara who gets invited to a party in the woods but finds out that it is haunted and gets trapped in the forest and has to escape will she be able to escape or will she be trapped there forever.Read on to find out

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Adventures of Benjamin

By Johan Cinoj in Children's Literature | Reads: 1,755 | Likes: 1

It was a beatiful Monday morning. The first rays of the sun peeked through my curtains, warming the blankets on my cosy bed. I was tucked in peacefully, The covers pulled up,snoring like a hibernating bear. Oops! I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Ben,Benjamin Ben I am the Ceo of Ben ente  Read More...

Published on Jun 24,2022 12:30 PM

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