Dreamer Thinker Traveler and Writer
Dreamer Thinker Traveler and Writer


By Purva in General Literary | Reads: 232 | Likes: 2

There is this thought I have been pondering upon and scratched just the surface -  Mental Health of Mother!   This is based on the observations I have made over the years from the society I live in and places I have been to!   "Who needs superheroes when we have moms"   Mothers i  Read More...

Published on May 30,2020 04:37 PM

Soul Mate

By Purva in Fantasy | Reads: 289 | Likes: 10

 "Years have passed by and here I am, still without that one. Every party and gathering I see everyone with their soul mate hand in hand. How come I, son of the Comptroller and General of Soul Mates and Separates (CGSS), has not found the one. This is by far the single most embarassing thing th  Read More...

Published on May 13,2020 09:14 PM

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