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Abhijit Tripathy

Entrepreneur, Developer & Writer
Entrepreneur, Developer & Writer

Abhijit Tripathy, in fact, is an engineer, author, young entrepreneur, researcher, and the Chief Executive Officer of Presear Softwares Private Limited. He has covered it all, from being incredibly adaptable in coding to be a big fan of open source. He also runs another organization, Edualgo Academy, where he teaches hundreds of students from various colleges and helps them with job placements. Python is his favorite programming language, and DSA is his stronghold. Abhijit has a track record of managing technical communities and taking part in programming competitions and hackathons. He has paRead More...


A beginner's guide to Python

Books by Abhijit Tripathy

This book provides a clear and concise text for beginners to get started with the python programming language in a simple and systematic way. Read this book to learn some basic concepts of python in an easy manner and apply them to solve 150+ programming problems included in the book.

The most important thing about python is that it's open-source. Open-source licensing encourages innovation through collaboration. Without it, many of the technologies we

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