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Krish is the author of "The Secrets of Atlantis" and "95 Story Writing Prompts," and he is constantly interested in learning about new topics and sharing his knowledge with others.| Fiction Writer | Power Teen at Uable | Co-Creator at Zill Skill | Lyric Curator at Musixmatch |Read More...


95 Story Writing Prompts

Books by Krish Chitroda

Several ideas  on different generes to create your own story which will further help you to write your own book.

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The Secrets Of Atlantis

Books by Krish Chitroda

Atlantis is a fictional island mentioned in an allegory on the hubris of nations in Plato's work Timaeus and Critias. This book contains various theories discussed regarding the disappearance of the kingdom of Atlantis.

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The Damned Thing

By Krish in Horror | Reads: 819 | Likes: 1

ONE DOES NOT ALWAYS EAT WHAT IS ON THE TABLE By the light of a tallow candle which had been placed on one end of a rough table a man was reading something written in a book. It was an old account book, greatly worn; and the writing was not, apparently, very legible, for the man sometimes held the pa  Read More...

Published on Jul 2,2022 04:03 PM

Nefarious Games

By Krish in Crime Thriller | Reads: 715 | Likes: 2

It was a usual Saturday morning, I was in a grocery store standing in a queue with some eggs and some some random monthly magazine I found to buy. I had my earphones plugged in, just enjoying the music playing and the warm weather. As I stood waiting a young girl probably in her 20s approached me. S  Read More...

Published on Jul 2,2022 03:26 PM

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