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Your new favourite author

Divya Tarak, previously writing under Diane Asther, is a 17-year-old girl who loves writing and getting lost in her own worlds. Her love of writing started with a writing project in fourth grade. She started working on her debut novel, Without Flaws when she was thirteen and published it at the age of 15.  She then started working on her dystopian duology at the age of fifteen and published the first instalment at the age of seventeen. Divya likes to paint and not only with her words. She spends her free time creating any piece of art. She enjoys dancing, getting carried away by the beautifulRead More...


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Books by Divya Tarak

How far would you go to look perfect?
'Have you ever hated your reflection in the mirror and wanted to change to way you look? If I told you there was a world where you could look like the ideal version of yourself and all your insecurities would vanish, would you come with me?'

When Peter's best friend Emma mysteriously disappears, he leaves everything behind to follow her to a new world - Ederra. Ederra is perfect and here Peter looks incr

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Will Power

Books by Subramaniam Rajagopalan

This book is the life of Subramaniam Rajagopalan in pages from childhood till present day. Read about his life journey,encounters, adventures, trip, family and more in 'WIll Power', an apt title suited o the author of this novel. 

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If Only We Had More Time

By Divya Tarak in Young Adult Fiction | Reads: 2,367 | Likes: 21

The sky was a blend of mauve, crimson, and lilac. Aria had never seen a sunset more breathtaking. It was fitting for the last time the sun ever set on the horizon and oh what she wouldn't give to sit and paint the scene if only she had more time. There was so much she would do if only she had m  Read More...

Published on Oct 18,2022 10:51 PM

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