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Noun to Tenses

Books by Dipti

The main aim of the book is to introduce the basic concepts of English to anyone and everyone who is excellent in speaking his or her mother tongue but still wants to take time and make an effort to learn English.They deserve a grand salute the book starts teaching Nouns and will keep teaching till the reader learns tenses.The book is written in basic English language which is easy to understand

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Learn Grammar with Pictures

Books by Mehta Dipti Amrutlal

The aim of the book is to teach Grammar concepts using Pictures.This book also has flowcharts for easy understanding and worksheets for practice purpose.

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Kinder garden here I come

Books by Dipti Amrutlal Mehta

Are you tired of seeing your todder wearing a heavy bag everyday?

Do you travel very often and want to keep your toddler busy in a good way?

Do you wish to introduce your todder to reading ?

Do you wish to keep your toddler busy seeing pictures?

Then this book is for you.This is an English Maths General Science Poetry and Coloring book for your toddler

A single book will serve all the purposes and make your toddler an al

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My First Interview

Books by Mehta Dipti Amrutlal Manjula

Are you worried about your childs first Interview?

Do you want your child to enter a good school but dont know how to do that?

Dont worry this book will help you out.

The main aim of the book is to prepare your child for the first interview by teaching the very basic concepts in an easy manner.

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Get your child mobile free

Books by Mehta Dipti Amrutlal Manjula

Tired of getting your child out of the mobile?

Tried everything to get him into activity?

Tired of sending your child to Multiple coaching classes?

Dont worry this book will help you out !!

The aim of the book is to keep your child busy by teaching him Interesting facts through pictures and help the child explore the real world.

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General Knowledge -volume two

Books by Mehta Dipti Amrutlal Manjula

This book will help you save ₹ 3000 a month by eradicating the need of coaching for your kid.These book intends to teach your kid the core concepts which will make him outstand the world and create a win win situation

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A petal less Rose..

By Dipti Mehta in True Story | Reads: 2,460 | Likes: 1

There was a girl. Her name was Dipti Mehta. She was born premature to a middle class family,Despite of being premature she was lucky enough to survive and get a good set of parents and siblings. As she turned eight months.. Her dad tried to make her stand up,But she couldn’t. Her dad thought t  Read More...

Published on Jul 4,2022 02:00 PM

Glamour Confused..

By Dipti Mehta in Romance | Reads: 2,668 | Likes: 2

Rose was slim, tall beautiful dark skinned teenager who lived with her maternal uncle, After her parents seperation.She was given a choice to stay with one of the parent, but both of the did not want to spoil her future as both were at worst of their health due to their addiction to avid drinking an  Read More...

Published on Jun 29,2022 12:01 AM

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