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Beyond is Science Fiction based book that was written with love.
It's a story about a case that was very strange in the starting and how it lead to things that no one could explain, incidents that boggle the minds and the touch of sci-fi that left mere questions unanswered. A case worth reading about and knowing about. A case like none other, A case that was Beyond.

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By Abhay Singh in Mystery | Reads: 2,682 | Likes: 15

"It's amazing how these stars shine above us, I just can't stop wondering that we haven't even reached one out of these billions up there yet we can feel them all." said Ishaan mesmerized. "I mean we do see the sun like every day and it's also a star if I'm being honest." replied Anurag. "Yeah, You'  Read More...

Published on Jun 12,2022 08:40 PM

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