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Mind Under Construction

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This book is for all teenagers, those who were once someday and those who will be one day.

In this book, you can find ways to

★ Enhance the experience of your teenage years.

★ Shape or rather construct your mind.

★ Relate with the experience of others on this eventful journey.

★ Get inspired by the life of other teenagers.

'Mind under construction' depicts the author's experience as a

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A Journey to the West

By Yashvi Jain in Adventure | Reads: 2,485 | Likes: 14

As the cars passed the avenue to the West, the scenery came and changed like a screenplay. Sometimes the sun hid behind the trees, sometimes clouds allowed the sun to partial the shade and sometimes the view has nothing but the Darkness of the tunnel. The closer he reached his destination, the more   Read More...

Published on Oct 26,2022 09:56 PM

Showering Bougainvillea

By Yashvi Jain in Life Journey | Reads: 5,304 | Likes: 47

Scene 1:- When a unloved person watches the loves ones and finds him crazy Whenever I read “A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal”, a beautiful poem by William Wordsworth about a lover terribly missing his beloved, I start imagining how anyone can love rocks and plains in the name of his/her love  Read More...

Published on Jun 21,2022 04:47 PM

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