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Adventures of Jones Sisters

Books by Shivaangi Mehra

When their mother took Lily and Sally on a trip to London, little did the girls know they would do more than sightseeing. 
What happened in London that made the trip a memorable one?

Soon it was time for another trip. Lily and Sally were off to Jaipur for a family vacation.

With each vacation turning out to be more adventurous than the previous one, join the Jones sisters Lily and Sally as they travel to London and Jaipur

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Kiley Saves Dragonia

Books by Devaangi Mehra

Kiley stopped where she was. With an astonished look on her face, she said, “H... He... Help? You need my help?"

Kiley and her cat Powette were enjoying a sunny day in the garden. Little did they know that their day was going to be filled with thrills and adventure. An unexpected visitor came to ask for their help to save his kingdom. 

Who was this visitor? Why did he need Kiley's help? Whom did he need to protect his kingd

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Sally's birthday adventure

By Devaangi Mehra in Fantasy | Reads: 15,833 | Likes: 156

Sally McQueen lived with her parents in a quaint village in Marseilles, France. She was sixteen years old. It was one of those drab days at school when she couldn’t understand a word taught by her teachers. Sally was sitting at her desk in the History class. She was trying to concentrate. Her   Read More...

Published on Oct 13,2022 05:16 PM

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