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Flower Family

Books by Nakshatra Maria Sojan

This book is about two little girls who share an amazing bond of friendship.While reading this book, the author takes you to a fantasy world along with the two little girls

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Books by Nakshatra Maria Sojan

Everyone loves to live a magical life but unfortunately its not possible for normal human beings. But with imagination, you can go to any magical world.Here you can travel along with Little Girl Nakshatra to her wonder world of Magic.You can see her magical friends,her super powers,her magical places and a lot more in this book.

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The Flower Family

By Nakshatra in Fantasy | Reads: 4,832 | Likes: 37

A little crowd formed in the school yards of the Smiling Flowers Boarding School. A new girl had accidentally tripped over a stone and her knee was bleeding! More juniors,seniors and teachers rushed in to make the crowd bigger. Every single student was in the crowd but one girl didn’t go near   Read More...

Published on Oct 3,2022 12:42 AM

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