Siddharth Singh

This is Siddharth Singh, From Bihar
This is Siddharth Singh, From Bihar

This is Siddharth Singh. From Mokama, Bihar . Born in 2006 in Haldia at West Bengal . Love the art of writing and reading . He is a fiction story writer . He studies in The Assembly Of God Church School in Haldia, West Bengal . Read More...



Books by Siddharth Singh

A pure fiction love story where the love does not let the hero die. The power of love is shown. Fiction story with mystrical things, and creatures. 

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Hail Of Death

Books by Siddharth Singh

This is a fiction story that shows how a human misuses his knowledge and rules the world, there stands a hero to knock down the evil from bringing on the " Hail of Death"

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Love beyond Religion.

By Siddharth Singh in Romance | Reads: 4,071 | Likes: 1

"Suraj can you life that bag for me" asked Nita. "yeh for sure why not, i wonder when i am going to get my better half" said Suraj."wait for it , you'll get it.." replied Nita. Suraj left the classroom and was walking around the corridor. His eyes fell on a girl filling water from the cooler. Light   Read More...

Published on Jun 22,2022 10:08 PM

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