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Writer & Analyst

Apar Singh is a retail planner and writer by profession. He is a NIFT graduate in Fashion Technology and post graduate from NMIMS in International Business. He is certified from IIM Calcutta in Retail Management.Read More...



Books by Apar Singh

At one point or another we are caught by surprise when someone asks us, "What do you want?' It takes courage and effort to look inside ourselves, and find out the answer from the roots of our soul.

This collection of poems is an attempt to do just that. It's still an onoing process, to evolve next - to evolve back. 'So what did you find inside?'

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Books by Apar Singh

These poems are all about a desire, which may be fulfilled or maybe not. A desire like a fire,  makes you wish for something that keeps you awake at early hours, late nights and long days. An overwhelming and all consuming desire, that is  always at the back of your mind, whatever you might be thinking or doing.

Like the operating system on a smart device, It's now t

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Prisoner # 5104

Books by Apar Singh


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Books by Apar Singh

83 is a short poem collection, that brings to fore the universal theme of one's love outlasting their 'significant other's'. It talks about the highs and lows of abandoned lover and what they feel, knowing something precious & irreplaceable is lost. A feeling of Deja-Vu.

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तिशन्गी - तृष्णा, तमन्ना तथा तड़प

Books by अपार सिंह

तिशन्गी तृष्णा है, तमन्ना है तथा तड़प है । हर मनुष्य के जीवन में एक मनुष्य ऐसा ज़रूर आता है, जिसकी प्राप्ति ही जीवन की तृप्ति बन जाति है ।

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Books by Apar Singh

Metamorphosis is a collection of bold poems unveiling change in a person's perspective. These poems are about awakening, self-discovery and finding clarity of purpose.

Upending desires and tribulations for anything off-limits, leads to a simmering tension that pushes one to break free from an irrelevant existence. A godsend shockwave helps to end the roller-coaster ride of ineffable loss and pain, which have now served their purpose.Have you undertak

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Books by Apar Singh

Fubar is a collection of unsettling poems about anxious and uneasy state of a snafued lover.

When one overrules emotions, intuition, trust, and forbids themselves from oscillations of another.  Fubar is being questioned & questioning, being disappointed & disappointing, being damaged & damaging, being confused & confusing.

When one alters subtly & irreparably, beyond mending & recognition. They liberate from vicious cycles by wal

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Books by Apar Singh

Rendezvous is a collection of intense poems about the passionate feelings of a lover. These feelings can be overwhelming and difficult to understand.

The strong feelings, desire, and captivation draws the moth to a flame. Love like a drug that tumults one’s mind. It’s a journey where not everyone finds the destination. Only a life with love is meaningful - even if it’s one sided. Does unconditional love exists?

Does it always

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Books by Apar Singh

Irresistible is a collection of sublime poems which brings to fore the beauty in the world. We all are busy chasing happiness, feeling somehow we can make it.

It’s not happiness itself but the source of it, that we need to look for. It can be a person, a goal, a wish, a desire or a feeling. When we come across it, we know it and give it our all. It is the same irresistibility, that the poet expresses in these poems.

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Books by अपार सिंह

बूँदें कुछ नए और पुराने विचारों को, अलग और खुले नज़रिए से, कुछ भावनात्मक पहलुओ को आपके समक्ष लाती है । इस संगठन का उद्देश्य कुछ देर आपको लेखक की सोच में खोना है । यह दो भागो में विभा

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By Apar Singh in Life Journey | Reads: 2,483 | Likes: 4

When did you last laid back and look up at the sky? When did you last felt at peace and did nothing? The best things in life are free, and the best feelings are inexplicable. But, in a complex web of society we humans create and blend in, complications cannot be ruled out anyway. We thrive on dilemm  Read More...

Published on Jul 10,2022 11:41 PM


By Apar Singh in Life Journey | Reads: 1,108 | Likes: 4

‘Hey, what’s your poison?’, a double entendre we often come across. If she ever asked me, I’d say, ‘What wasn’t poison in your absence? Your presence is my nectar.’ There’s no way to know, if she ever would. On a serious note, a poison is something tha  Read More...

Published on Jul 9,2022 05:47 PM

Partners In Crime

By Apar Singh in Adventure | Reads: 1,150 | Likes: 3

Lokesh had been preparing for his XII boards, when he fell ill. ‘The mercury is hovering between 103-104 degrees since last two days. I’ve severe fever and headache and consulted a doctor, but there’s been no improvement.’, he told another doctor. ‘Here, take these medi  Read More...

Published on Jul 6,2022 01:11 PM


By Apar Singh in Young Adult Fiction | Reads: 1,106 | Likes: 4

The year was 2008, when two best friends, Lokesh and Karun had found a sanctuary in the third floor of former’s uncle AP’s house, where he’d shifted recently. They could study in peace while listening to songs, play video games and watch steamy videos on the desktop. ‘What th  Read More...

Published on Jul 4,2022 06:06 PM


By Apar Singh in True Story | Reads: 1,304 | Likes: 4

‘Hey, Karun, remember the evening, when we sat on a boundary wall of college. All of a sudden you fell forward, and hit the ground. The high of a whitener, so cool and cheap was unlike any other in the world.’ Lokesh said. It was Karun’s birthday, their friendship spanning fifteen   Read More...

Published on Jul 4,2022 07:43 AM


By Apar Singh in True Story | Reads: 1,222 | Likes: 4

Shivam and Raman, best friends since school days, had met after a long gap. As they were talking about old days, Raman said, ‘There never a mess too big to get out of!’. Shivam could only nod in agreement. In life, sometimes things do seem to get out of control, but only the chances one   Read More...

Published on Jul 2,2022 11:03 PM


By Apar Singh in Romance | Reads: 1,259 | Likes: 4

It had been three months since Kajal had dumped him, and Karan had begun to lose perspective. He had lost interest in everything, winding himself in a cocoon. He decided to change, grow, and invest in himself. If he were to ever fall in love again, he wanted to be a better lover. He changed his room  Read More...

Published on Jul 2,2022 08:56 PM

2,750 Beer

By Apar Singh in True Story | Reads: 1,203 | Likes: 3

‘Urvashi the four beers we drank, costed us 2,750 Indian rupees each!’ Arjun said with a laughter. She was furious over what has transpired the previous night, but couldn’t help smile back. Yesterday, on their way back home from a mall in Mahadevapura, Arjun had said, ‘It&rsq  Read More...

Published on Jul 2,2022 04:56 PM


By Apar Singh in Romance | Reads: 1,221 | Likes: 3

The boarders were on way back from mid-term break, in the Himalayan foothills of Yamnotri, when Rani took one of Karan’s earphones. Handing it back, she teasingly asked, ‘Is this what you listen to?’ He replied ’Yes’. Looking out of the bus, he wondered what she thought  Read More...

Published on Jul 1,2022 08:16 PM

Prisoner No. 5104

By Apar Singh in Life Journey | Reads: 1,616 | Likes: 3

What does it mean to be imprisoned? A correction facility isn’t a requisite, as we can be behind invisible bars at our home, school, or workplace. What’s worse than being physically restrained? to be confined mentally. We’re prisoners in our own minds, moving from cell to another.   Read More...

Published on Jun 30,2022 05:23 PM


By Apar Singh in Life Journey | Reads: 1,128 | Likes: 4

With thuds at bedroom’s door, Arun woke up from slumber. His new-born sister Anita began crying, and mother Kamini, exhausted from the day reacted slowly. Thud, Thud, Thud! ‘Who’s it?’, demanded Kamini, knowing who it was. Thud, Thud, Thud! ‘Open the door or I&rsqu  Read More...

Published on Jun 30,2022 08:27 AM


By Apar Singh in Historical Fiction | Reads: 1,368 | Likes: 3

In 455 BC, there was a major sandstorm wiping out entire dominions in erstwhile undivided west Indian region of Sindh. As nature’s fury poured, realm’s people and institutions were devastated. As fortunes needed to be rebuilt and towns were to be resurrected, Shankar Rode was chosen to l  Read More...

Published on Jun 29,2022 02:49 PM

Narrow lane

By Apar Singh in Life Journey | Reads: 1,218 | Likes: 6

‘Papa do you see a cross-road at the end of this lane? Look at me, see how fast I am going to run.’ Ajay said. As he dashed and disappeared down the narrow lane, Arjun flash backed to his own childhood memories. This lane wasn’t always narrow, and has a special place in heart. Inst  Read More...

Published on Jun 29,2022 01:07 PM

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