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Unapologetic Scribbles

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This story is not only about Bikram and Parvati, it covers before and beyond. Their kids, the society, and everything that contributed to their not-so-happy endings. These are characters but this story is dedicated to and inspired by the life of approximately 40 percent of families around the globe. Situations might differ from person to person but is a hard reality of the things not being discussed or simply ignored.

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Unapologetic Words

Books by Monica

This book is about the things we know in our heart but when it comes to the acceptance, we all are influenced but the surroundings. True words are always bitter but right and we all know but do not want to accept. The acceptance comes from realizing the truth but the hard part is we have closed ourselves to everything, to every opportunity and we are only driven by what is right and what is said and what is only accepted and discussed in the society and their

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The Last Phone Call

By Monica Bisht in Life Journey | Reads: 2,116 | Likes: 2

Today I am on the death bed of my life, and I am just gathering all my memories ..... what I have done in my life.... moments of happiness, breakdowns, surprises, shocks, and then I got a call from a childhood bestie of mine.... she was several oceans away and the last memory of us together, I hardl  Read More...

Published on Jun 17,2022 05:02 PM

When It's Meant To Be....

By Monica Bisht in Romance | Reads: 3,032 | Likes: 4

Life is never easy for everyone and so for these two - Oliver and June [4 years younger than him]. They both came from very different families. While Oliver was an elder child, responsible, and belonged to a powerful family from a town where discipline was everything on the other hand June was a hap  Read More...

Published on Jun 17,2022 01:22 PM

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