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Bharath is a non-professional writer from a small district called Erode in the state of Tamil Nadu. He discovered himself as a writer in his solitude.  From his childhood, he is passionate about three things – Space, Space & Space. The book titled “Perceptions of the Universe” is his debut and it is nothing but a result of his love towards Space and the Universe. It is easier to read to understand and is suitable for all sort of age groups. He dedicates this book to sci-fi lovers.  He is twenty-four now and has completed his masters in tourism. He is a dendrophile cum conservationist, Read More...


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The Contingency Effect

Books by Bharathkumar

The monotonous and uneventful routine of Pugazh, a solitary and melancholic scientist, turns chaotic and is thrown into disarray when an unforeseen malfunction in his incomplete time travel device propels him into a sequence of events that not only challenge his own existence but also jeopardize the entire operation of the universe. Can equilibrium be restored, or will the unfolding tale hold the key?

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Perceptions of Universe

Books by Bharath S. Kumar

Have you ever gazed at our vast endless sky and wondered what are the secrets it is hiding from us? Like…

Why is too difficult for humans to find proof of extra terrestrials on our infinite cosmos?

How was the life initially originated on earth? 

What if humanity is keen on advancing their civilization to the next level of Kardashev scale, a purely energy-based scale for measuring a civilization's technological prowess, on a

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By Bharathkumar in Science Fiction | Reads: 11,216 | Likes: 50

Zack,Dhanya,Cortrell and Maddy were busy in shifting basic amenities required for their daily routine from Cygnus- the second successful spaceship to use warp drive technology.Thus the 1800 light years distance travel seemed possible within four years.The entire ‘Team Salvatore’ crew com  Read More...

Published on Jul 10,2022 02:43 AM

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