A Detective's Instinct

By Malarvizhi in Crime Thriller | Reads: 3,167 | Likes: 8

 It was a pleasant morning, and a beam of Sunlight  forced itself to enter through the glass window. I was wandering outside and out of habit, I peeped into the window of the house. Unusually the bed was empty, I lifted my toes and tried to see inside, then I noticed she was lying on the f  Read More...

Published on Jul 4,2022 09:39 PM

சீக்ரெட் ரும்

By Malarvizhi in Fantasy | Reads: 12,371 | Likes: 64

                    ஹாலிவுட் ஹீரோக்களும், பாப் பாடகர்களும்  கனவில் வரும் வயதில், தான் கண்டு கொண்டிருப்  Read More...

Published on Jun 30,2022 10:37 PM

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