Sherry Mishra

Author, Orator, Violinist, Singer, Painter.
Author, Orator, Violinist, Singer, Painter.



Books by Sherry Mishra

Mythified is a non-exhaustive compilation of a dozen thrilling Horror Stories from countries all around the World. There are stories from Belgium, Australia, India (Medieval and Modern), Brazil, Japan, South Africa, Greenland, Egypt, USA, Russia, Sweden. The plots in this book are based on supernatural events. The substructures are based on myths, legends, and local beliefs of their respective countries. However, most of the events have occurred in real

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The Well Of Souls

By Sherry Mishra in Horror | Reads: 2,231 | Likes: 7

[In the year 1945, in the posh Northern suburbs of Kifissia, Athens, Greece.] “Aegeus! Wake up!” shouted his wife, Charissa. “You have to get to work!” “Oh, come on. Didn’t I tell you I have the night shift?” mumbled Aegeus sleepily. “Well, since you&r  Read More...

Published on Oct 12,2022 08:59 PM

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