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A Rainbow of Oddly stories

Books by Sadakat Ali

No incident in life is pre planned , they bound to happen without information . This book  is an attempt to showcase stories inspired from real life  oddly incidents . which many people faces. I think my attempt is very different  and thus give a thrilling experience to others. These stories I think will  force people to think hard about the incidences which I  honestly   tries to deal with, in  a  hope that it would lea

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A Tale of an Unprecedented Reunion

Books by Sadakat Ali

This book is about the main character, Ameena Bibi, and her son, Rashid, who were separated due to Partition of India in 1947. They met again after 40 years. The other character, Sudhakar, was a neighbor of Ameena Bibi. Sudhakar and Ameena Bibi become friends and they both share a bond of love and affection. This story is about an incredible reunion of mother and son after 40 years and also the victory of a mother. The book highlights different shades of emoti

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A tale of Mistaken identity

By sadakat ali in Romance | Reads: 1,829 | Likes: 0

A tale of Mistaken Identity                       Love as we know is the one of the best thing which could happen to anyone.  I often had listened from many people around that the pair of life partner  Read More...

Published on Jun 26,2022 11:38 PM

BABA - A saga of fate

By sadakat ali in True Story | Reads: 2,845 | Likes: 1

        BABA – A saga of fate               Life is just a single word like rainbow with many different meanings and shades like joy, happiness, sorrow, sadness, excitement, good and bad etc. But above al  Read More...

Published on Jun 23,2022 12:29 PM

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