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Vignesh is fighting an inner battle — he struggles to break free of his roots and a past that haunts him. During his graduation, he meets Ayesha, and through her eyes, and myriad encounters with the people around him, Vignesh now comes face-to-face with new perspectives. 

Will these help Vignesh find solace in chaos? Or will he continue his pursuit of ephemeral dreams?

Wayanad takes you through the mesmerizing landscape of Kerala

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Books by Rahul Jain

Human mind has this compulsive need to be treated an equal to any other- but have you ever wondered how this innate desire effects our day to day lives and our relationships? Equals is a collection of seven such short stories, where such feelings of being an equal in various scenarios have been explored.

Get ready to read a ride of flash dance, the plan to murder your BAE, a night between two consenting adults, four friends on a trip, a family with a n

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The Other Angle

Books by Rahul Jain

Suvir is a happily married man who is living the dream that other men envy – a beautiful and intelligent wife, a kid, and a professional life he can boast of. 
He still isn't happy.

Trisha is the luckiest woman in the world. She is balancing her work and family well and loves the fact that her husband treats her like a queen. She, however, worries that nothing she does makes him feel like a king.

Abhimanyu is the crème de

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The Fleeting Emotions

Books by Rahul Jain

A couple trying to conceive 

A teenage boy crushing on his teacher's niece

A man with a plan to kill himself 

A forgotten love story 

A son remembering his father 

A girl having nightmares 

A brother strives to fulfill his sister's wish 

Which one would you read first? 

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By Rahul Jain in Supernatural | Reads: 26,561 | Likes: 800

Granny   The announcement on the bored railway station of Nagpur reminded me that I needed to remain alert for my belongings. The robotic recording stated that the Geetanjali Express was on time and would be leaving platform number 5 at 12.05 am, which was a few minutes from now. I was on the u  Read More...

Published on Jul 8,2022 08:12 PM

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