Noorah Mohd. Omar


Noorah Mohamed Omar [1998; July; 15] is a young writer who is sprouting her writings from the levels of Quotes, Blogs, Articles, and Poetry to the level of Writer. Now she is a self-published author. She has born on 15th, July 1998 as a second child to a farmer's parents and was raised at the border of the city named Padalur, in the multi-cultural and multi-lingual country India. She considers her faith and family to be the most important to her including her long-term goal of becoming a writer. She lives in her world and sees the complete stygian sides of the world and people. She is a young Read More...

Caught in a Dream

By Noorah Mohd. Omar in Children's Literature | Reads: 2,482 | Likes: 9

 "Hey Annah, how are you doing?" a stranger called my name. I turned around to see who was it. I saw a stranger with a good muscular figure and above six feet waving a hand at me. I was confused. I don't recognize him. I wonder if he does. Who it could be? With the urge to respond to the direct  Read More...

Published on Jun 24,2022 01:09 PM

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