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Books by Ayesha Munni

Her whole work has gone in vain. Are years of hard work, childhood's dream, life's goal, and only hope was destroyed. 
Now she had only two ways either to end up everything from the very beginning.

This is a story of a Young Girl named Regal who was ambitious to prove the existence of parallel universe. That was not the dream but her only left of hope to meet her parents in another dimension. At a point of Part her life

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Age is just a number

Books by Ayesha Munni

“who are you?”

The old man broke down and gone into grief, the body seemed to alive but the old man was died with those words. The broken old man was not able to understand what was happening there.

The old man started looking for a work to make his living but, his age seemed a curse to him as he was rejected by getting many works only because he is old and a aged person.

but the old man didnt give up

finally he succ

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