Priyanshu Sinha

Horror story writer
Horror story writer

Hello, I'm Priyanshu sinha, doing Btech from KIIT Bhubaneshwar, Odhisha. I'm a horror story writer. Hope you will like my work.Read More...



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This story revolves around the crime that happened in the city also the head of the police department was in danger. In his absence, many things happened in the city.

The police officers, the residents all suffered because of the crime and the criminals. Many different things happen in the city and many different emotions are used in the whole book. You might have read related things, might have come across the creepiness that is present in the story.&

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By Priyanshu Sinha in Horror | Reads: 3,543 | Likes: 26

Reborn “The report says that the killer is still on the run. There is no other evidence of the killer.” I turned off the TV and went to my mother, who was sitting in her room alone. “What are you doing, Mom?” “Nothing, tell me, what they said about the killer?” &l  Read More...

Published on Oct 7,2022 02:29 PM

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