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Books by Ms Samicii Samayaa Kg

THIS story  was possible  to  write  because  of  one avatar born in Abhijit Nakshatra  and who  was the great grandson of Aja Raja of Ishvaku dynasty..

"Prabhu Shri  Raam ".

He was simple  yet powerful  ..

His Love for wife Seeta  is eternal  love  ..

So due to our crazy inquisitive love for him and  his qualities,  we have  Penned 

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Ex Major Shahadeva and Devi's story

Books by Ms Samiciī Smayaā (dāḍimapriya’ (दाडिमप्रिय)

This is fiction story of Ex Major Sahadeva and Devi ie  Enakshi Medhāvī’ (मेधावी)? .. for you all,to enjoy 

We have written  in a different  style  ..We are  sure you will enjoy reading  it .


Ms Samicii Samayaa 

We hear.. means the  author and divine energy source  called as " Hanuman source ".. by us ..

A short  glimpse  of this book

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Medha andMadhu's Valor

Books by Ms Samiciī Smayaā Kg

This story came across me during my quarantine phase in the year 2021 .. that to around Holi time.

When the entire world was wishing /greeting ‘Happy Holi ‘ to each other at that ..the 4 walls of the room beckoned me with happiness to write this story…

Then…I started to do some research on this art because I  heard some seer saying for the army to get some ‘Josh’ and ‘Vigour’ &nbs

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Shyam Subramanian's Darling and other Pati Vrats Stories

Books by Samiciī Smayaā Kg

Shyam Subramanian 'S Darling is a short love story of 'Shyam's love ' ie a cigarette and what happens to him... one day which forces him to leave it.

 It is a fiction story but with a true hard fact of " Corporate life stress or other stress-causing heart issues as well as health issues ".

Book Two

This is a love story inspired by the mythological characters Valli and his wife Tara.
I am sure that you will all enjoy this

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Sarvammayii and NaiDhurva 's love

Books by Author Shuklmalayaambara Shriyaam

Damyanti is a great female character. She got her share of recognition over the years because she, i.e. Damyanti was fair in everything she did and said. Nala is a great male character who got his share of his recognition because of his intelligence, good nature and being a  great charioteer.

Presenting you their story in a fictional way 

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Faith Moves Mountains

Books by Goppini Kalyani Garg

A  short story on love and surrender.

it's a kora kumbar's vithal bhakts story .

In a village  near  Pandharpur , there lived a potter named Kora .. he was a Vittal Bhagat .His profession was of making  pots out of clay but  because  he did  have any business sense or due to  his bhakti  on Vithoba  ie Vitalla he used blindly  trust people  who  used to say " I will come later &nb

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Krushna's Radha

Books by Punýasloka Suikramā Gopal Krushna

Krushna looks at Radha with love in his eyes, because he knew who Radha actually was/is…But he could not tell the world about it as she never liked him or his statements… made regarding her  So he always kept mum in front of her.

But one day seeing Radha standing and watching the waves of Marve Beach seamlessly with her dull eyes.

Krushna now decides to show the world who the  ‘Radha Sarkar’is ?.

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A Soldiers Buddy

Books by Adarshini Narasimhan Subra Gk Gaarg

A  short story for children and adults.



MY HUMBLE PROSTRATION TO  the  Divine  Source and Sharada Ma for helping me to write this short story. 

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Sharada 's Lalita Ammaa

Books by Hima Narasimhan

A short story feature written by Hima Narasimhan  based on her favorite  Goddess. 

Lalita  Devi is  my favorite  Goddess. I love  her  magnificent  style .


Keeping  her in mind I am penning this story  down. 


This will  include the Short Version of  Lalita Sahasra

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Books by Shuklmalyambara Shriyam

Short stories "Divine Sunrise " and  "Sacrifice"  are beautiful  fiction  wala tales showcasing  bosses behavior  and  brother's  love. 

You will definitely  love  reading  it .

All the  very  best. 

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Navrati Special

Books by Himanarasimhan

Navrati special: slokas for daily chanting is compiled  and collated by Hima  Narasimhan and  Lavanya Atharva  for  the  country and worlds welfare mind .

Pls do appreciate  their  efforts. 


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Ex Wing Commander RŃMAYA 's Love

By Shuklamalayambara Shriyam in Young Adult Fiction | Reads: 3,128 | Likes: 1

 You know you are important  Mānavatī...I have escaped a false kinda love...Ex Wing Commander Rńmaya whom people idolized in the colony says longing for  an answer from her... You know very well that none of my family members agrees with my decision…. and so I have decided  Read More...

Published on Jul 1,2022 05:24 PM

Naina's Dronacharya

By Shuklamalayambara Shriyam in Young Adult Fiction | Reads: 1,358 | Likes: 1

Ok  teek  hai  look, do not behave  as if  i do not  know you kid , if you  want  to  work  in this project  better  behave  your self , Naina roared. Muttering  to themselves  ,a group  of campus recruits  left&nbs  Read More...

Published on Jun 14,2022 06:05 PM

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