Swastika C

High School student and writer
High School student and writer


Crimson Lights

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A collection of poetry about the greatest fears of human psychology- from weakness, from guilt, from physical pain to a form of self-acceptance through a journey of various emotions.

Bits and pieces from the personal experiences of the teenage author, the poems go through the journey of a little girl from her worst fears, to a path of accepting herself and her faults.

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the storm that quenched me

By Swastika C in Horror | Reads: 1,770 | Likes: 0

Standing against the backdrop of the starlit night sky, I knew that screaming my heart out was useless to the point of infinity; but even then, I continued flexing my throat muscles, releasing the entire quantity of glucagon stored in my body through my lips. A shadow of a tall shady man had appeare  Read More...

Published on Jun 11,2022 04:05 PM

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