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gonna publish something fantastic soon.
gonna publish something fantastic soon.

I am a 14-year-old girl. I have always loved to do things like writing my heart out. At the age of 12, I published a storybook- THE TALE OF THE TWO MOUNTAINS. I wrote this book for children to encourage them to do good deeds. I often write poems too- visit my Instagram @harsimranz0.     Read More...


The tale of the two mountains

Books by Harsimran Kaur

you get terrified by nightmares at night, right? But now nightmares won't terrify you if you read this book and find the solution.

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The not so distant future

By Harsimran kaur in Fantasy | Reads: 2,325 | Likes: 7

"good morning, beep, BEEP, beep, BEEP" beeped my digital alarm clock. It was 5 a.m. when I woke up with my heart throbbing smoothly seeing the marvelous sunrise of 24th October 2030, my birthday. The sky was empty without birds, I saw a small group of birds migrating through the sky last month, but   Read More...

Published on Sep 30,2022 04:14 PM


By Harsimran kaur in Fantasy | Reads: 2,313 | Likes: 4

It was eight-thirty in the morning, Hazel again missed the rising bell, she was not shocked when she woke up and saw none of her friends in the dormitory. “again!” quavered Hazel as she stretched her arms and jumped out of her bed. It was not the first time she missed the rising bell, it  Read More...

Published on Jun 21,2022 01:58 PM

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