Indie Author Championship #6

Vis Dasari

Author, Filmmaker, Artist & Historian
Author, Filmmaker, Artist & Historian

The Victorian

Books by Viswanath Venkat Dasari ( Vis Dasari)

As the world peace depends upon the well-being of a common family; it’s the fable of two people that start from a similar juncture where one chooses self-conquest and the other chooses destruction. When NATO Agent Vic heads to his hometown, away from the hostile environment, to save his friend and live in peace with his family; he encounters the love of his life slyly endangered by a bigger enemy where he must make a quantum leap to save her.

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Books by Viswanath Venkat Dasari ( Vis Dasari )

Nuggets Of Knowledge conveys the true essence of our Ancients, the magic they shared, the knowledge they lived and the wisdom they gained. In the current era, It emphasises the need that the ancient lifestyle should be resurrected so that one can have their true memory back.

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