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From thousands of years, there were many unsolved questions which are haunting mankind. One among those questions is “Do ghosts and such entities really exist?”. This is a million-dollar question. Though horror is everyone’s favourite genre, the real difficulty arises when it comes to finding an answer to this question and proving it. 

This book may not be a complete proof to answer this question, but it speaks about some real-li

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111 Thoughts to realize the reality

Books by Rajasekhartmk

This book "111 Thoughts to realize the reality" is a collection of 111 thoughts which speaks about the reality of today's world. Some of the thoughts in this book may give you weird feeling while reading. Because, many of the things mentioned here are in negative perspective. But the bitter truth is, every letter in this book is 100% true.

This book is mailnly recommended for the enthusiastic readers, who were ready to accept the reality. This is also

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The fresh breeze blowing over my face is provoking me to think more about my life. The pleasant evening is offering me an endless walk. The greens around me, showed how lock down had cured the environment. The true smiles gathered after the pandemic reminds me the olden days. Though I can’t jo  Read More...

Published on Jun 17,2022 12:50 AM

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