Ankit Tiwari

newly started writing books
newly started writing books

Author is a seasoned professional in hospitality industry. This book is the first edition by the author. In this book author has shared his own experience during pre-opening phase of the hotel.Read More...


Department Setup during Pre-opening of new hotel

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Written in months, an effort to touch all the major aspects during the pre-opening phase of the hotel. The author has written this edition with all experience and memories.

This book would be of great help and can be used as ready reckoner and he or she can take a look if there is any confusion somewhere.

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Despair and Joy

By Ankit Tiwari in Life Journey | Reads: 3,522 | Likes: 18

There was a couple who lived in downtown area of the beautiful city of Bengaluru. This couple was happily married approximately 9 years ago. They had a very beautiful daughter Aanya, and couple was named as Arjun and Shivani. Shivani was a post graduate in Mass communication and Arjun was an Insuran  Read More...

Published on Jul 7,2022 07:49 PM

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