Richard Francis

Heyo People this is Richie but I'd rather call myself
Heyo People this is Richie but I'd rather call myself


Alas zephyr

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The Book contains 26 poems written in the English alphabetical order, it's not just mere poetry but a world of imagination in itself. All the poems written in this book describes various human emotions and situations written in a way that they can be felt just by reading. A few of these poems for sure would touch various hearts, the ethereal vibe in it is fantastically expressed. The Epilogue in itself is a surprise. Wait till the end and you'd be flabberga

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The Music Never ends

By Richard Francis in Horror | Reads: 3,135 | Likes: 4

“The Music never ends" I enter the mansion and hear a shrill noise of a piano- I never had a piano in my house before. I rush up the stairs to see where it's coming from and in front me lies a pale dead body of my gardener and the structure of the rooms on this floor seems quite different than  Read More...

Published on Jun 12,2022 03:09 PM

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