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Passionate about writing, Rachana has been weaving stories and penning articles since childhood. A winner of many prestigious essay contests, she has contributed to a large body of articles published in The Times of India, Indian Express, The Pioneer, Hindustan Times, Women's Era, Alive and more. Rachana has also been twice winner of story competions held by The Times of India (among top 5 winners for story judged by Sudha Murthy and among top 10 winners of story judged by Ruskin Bond).  When she is not writing, Rachana is an avid reader, painter, and gardening enthusiast. Read More...



Books by Rachana Grover

What is common between Car Test Drives and Finding a Groom? Plenty. This book, a Modern Day Story of love, romance, and choices, takes you on a hilarious roller coaster drive with a girl called Neha.

'Too Many Choices imprison and stifle you,' said her Father. 'Life without Choices is in itself a Prison,' replied the daughter, Neha. Who do you agree with? The Father or the daughter? 

Life is full of Choices, we have always been told. The b

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Just Two Eyebrows

Books by Rachana Grover

From the riveting lead story of expressions 'Just Two Eyebrows', the soul-stirring story of 'A Box Full of  Mangoes', the rib-tickling 'Sunny Side Up', to the thought provoking tale of 'Once A Trader' - this collection of twelve short stories will leave you with a lot to think about!  The human tales of a myriad emotions and expressions will resonate with each one of you. The characters of these stories may well be people you know or have met.

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The Folks Who Hope

Books by Rachana Grover

It is an onerous grind for many folks, this life. You may meet these folks at any corner on the winding turns of life, hoping and dreaming. Hiding behind their easy smiles, they do not let you see their despair. For they have the courage to dare, to dream and to hope each day. This collection of poems highlights their hopes and simple hidden desires. But then, isn’t life not only theirs, but ours too, really about Hope and Fortitude? Read these poems if

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A Window Named Amma

By Rachana Grover in Young Adult Fiction | Reads: 2,428 | Likes: 1

A Window Named ‘Amma’ Amma. The word means Mother and the very thought of Amma conjures an image of love that is high on emotional quotient and empathy. Amma, my grandmother, was a 76 year old, sprightly woman with a slightly bent frame and a wizened visage where time had carved its sto  Read More...

Published on Jul 4,2022 04:14 PM

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