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The Bloodline

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Kush and Sarah were living normal lives as twins when suddenly they were dropped on the doorsteps on 'Little Angels Orphanage'. Join them as they get to discover themselves... As Legacies! Delve into the mysterious, magical, and fantastical world so closely knitted into the lives of the 'Mindless' also known as... Us. In The Bloodline, Sarah and Kush are sent off along with Arjun and Nisha on a mission- to retrieve their Relic and to find their missing parents

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By Tanvi Beri in Children's Literature | Reads: 3,803 | Likes: 16

I ran, as fast as my twelve-year-old legs could take me, splashing through puddles to the farmhouse in the distance.     I was racing with my cousins. The first one would choose the TV program later. I could see my Mom, Aunt Seema, and Grandma chatting in the kitchen, the evening colours o  Read More...

Published on Jun 28,2022 11:25 AM

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