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I Feel Like

Books by Benjaminkamaraj

A young lady attempts suicide in the fictional land of Khailash when her lover cheats on her. But then she meets a painter by happenstance and travels with him. Later in the narrative, as the story goes. They both meet a variety of other individuals and encounter a variety of challenges that alter their lives. When the young woman eventually realized she didn't want to die. The painter discloses personal details about himself.

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Mr. Grand Daddy

By Benjamin in Science Fiction | Reads: 2,028 | Likes: 11

I'm Arya, and I've only told this story to a few people. Everyone who heard it thought it was a good imagination that could be turned into a feel-good movie. For nearly two decades, I believed it was true because it was true, but then I began to doubt myself. I don't have any evidence that the situa  Read More...

Published on Jul 7,2022 11:17 AM

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