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Interested in writing fiction, mostly fictional books are my life in which I act like the main protagonists of the story, digging my heart to complete the other half of my story.Read More...



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"Did it react to her?" he asked, "Yes, it did" the mage replied. Ruby was so confused, "Don't just ignore me, You don't just inform me anything am I a joke? You even help those people who are suffering" she yelled. "Are you in a place to worry about others? I don't think so" he pulled his hand back. In a room full of awkwardness, cold sweat dripped off her body. "I guess too" she mumbled sadly.     "I will be taking my girl now" he grinned. Ruby

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By Geetha in Romance | Reads: 205 | Likes: 0

It was summer sunset, I first met him when I was 16, in my garden. While I was having my tea time, my father, the king, of Debora kingdom bought me a bodyguard, his name is Regef Miller. I still remember his beautiful black eyes with a beautiful spark in them, just like the night sky. That sharp gaz  Read More...

Published on Oct 22,2022 01:16 PM

The women

By Geetha in Science Fiction | Reads: 395 | Likes: 1

I always dreaded hearing the news about men’s spaceships from Lyra and Nat, my most trusted aides. When I think back on the past before we women reached Saira, depressing thoughts intrude my mind. That’s the 14th month after we reached Saira by crossing 2000 light years. *Beep-beep* The   Read More...

Published on Oct 14,2022 08:29 PM

Black eyes

By Geetha in Historical Fiction | Reads: 1,002 | Likes: 6


Published on Jun 16,2022 02:53 PM

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