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Marci Melzer

Intuitive, Speech-Language Pathologist, Language Facilitation Coach and Consultant
Intuitive, Speech-Language Pathologist, Language Facilitation Coach and Consultant

More than one in 8 children is late talking around the world.  Parents and caregivers are in the best position to help them shift the nonverbal communication behavior they are using now into the spoken language that everyone wants. It doesn’t matter WHY the late talker is stuck in nonverbal communication, language facilitation works for every parent and caregiver who is willing to take the right action.  There is more to late talking than most parents understand. Many kids are late talking due to environmental issues such as technology overuse, and others from common childhood conditions sRead More...


व्यवहार को भाषण में बदलने की 11 सप्ताह की यात्रा

Books by मार्सी मेल्ज़र

किसी भी देर से बात करने वाले को भाषण के समय का आनंद लेने में मदद करें

माता-पिता और देखभालकर्ता इस कार्यपुस्तिका में रणनीतियों का उपयोग करके अशाब्दिक संचारकों को व्यवहार को

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11 Week Journey to Shift Behavior Into Speaking

Books by Marci Melzer

Parents and caregivers are the best spoken language facilitators because they currently understand communication behavior best.

Today's high-tech world is not set up to help late talkers thrive.

The natural way of language facilitation has been replaced by entertainment apps, and repetitive music videos. Unwanted communication behaviors increase and parents worry.

What can language facilitators expect after 11 weeks with this

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