Md. Rehan Ansari

Student and beginner in writing profession
Student and beginner in writing profession

Hello, I'm I'm a student of class 9th grade. You can contact me at my email address.Read More...


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Thoughts are so complicated, one can't understand. This piece of knowledge is dedicated to thoughts.

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BOOK FROM FUTURE: A Glimpse Before Publication

By Md. Rehan Ansari in Science Fiction | Reads: 3,117 | Likes: 7

Intentionally, I came upon a decision to help Timothy to save the human species from extinction. I had to do it as I was needed to do it. He explained his mission to me. I went to my bed; the bed in future are not of ordinary kind; It feels soothing while sleeping. Before going to bed My mind travel  Read More...

Published on Jun 12,2022 12:06 PM

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