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The Master and His Vanquishable Neophyte

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The sudden transition from the darkest horrific myth to a reality disquieted the village called Law Soh. Amid distress, the Master appointed Simon and a few young people for a sacred expedition to transform them into the human of required virtues. Those virtues are the only competent vessels for the supreme power on those selected young people to protect their hamlet.

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Unconditional love

By andrew warjri in Life Journey | Reads: 7,438 | Likes: 83

It was afternoon, and the rain poured out heavily; my mother quietly toiled to clean the courtyard in that cold rain. The wealthy Rekha, who was our cruel and greedy owner, pleasantly gazed at her as if the punishment for the late payment for our rent was fully justified. Momentarily, from the windo  Read More...

Published on Jun 19,2022 08:06 PM

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