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The Tales of the Uncommon Commons

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This story is inspired from the lives of my Grandparents – four common people born in 1920s-1930s in undivided India. Four common yet extremely special mortals who walked this earth and exemplified great character, propounding profound life lessons for their future generations. They had a story to tell which we probably lack today in our mundane lives. This is an attempt to bring back the life and times of the generations past us. They were just like us

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By Chandrima Chowdhury in Fantasy | Reads: 4,440 | Likes: 19

The Web: Once upon a time there was a huge Mulberry tree. It stood still in the passage of time with its branches spreading far and wide. A wide range of species made it their home for thousands of years. Numerous families of red-bellied woodpeckers, crows, cardinals, sandhill cranes, squirrels, slo  Read More...

Published on Jul 4,2022 02:59 AM

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