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This book is about a guy who is very anxious about his future, because he hasn't have anything planned for it. So, he decides to go to big city for a job and to have a comfortable lifestyle in his town. He gets a waiter's job in a hotel and a girl from his past shows up during his shift and offers him an office boy's job in the software company where she is on the CEO's post.

Later, he gets to know her purpose that she wanted a relationsh

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Once upon a time in Planet Monsara

By Saksham Nagbhidkar in Adventure | Reads: 3,171 | Likes: 55

Planet Monsara. A combined population of around 5000 to 7000 Monsarians (Residents of Monsara planet). Trees on this planet grow taller than earth. Every monsarians skin is a bitdifferent from the earth's people. Their skin doesn't bleed and it automatically adjusts itstemperature according to the s  Read More...

Published on Jun 27,2022 09:23 PM

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