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Haunted Bungalow

Books by Mudliyar Uday Kumar

This is new and latest book . Haunted Bungalow is an interesting story . By reading the book you will come to know about the mystery .

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A great advocate '"Kavin"

Books by Mudliyar Uday Kumar

He is an Advocate who sacrifices himself for his case . This is the latest and grammatical mistake free version . 

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प्रेतवाधित मॉल

By Mudliyar Uday Kumar in Horror | Reads: 3,797 | Likes: 2

प्रेतवाधित मॉल स्काई सिटी में बच्चों को ऐसे मॉल में नहीं जाने की आदत थी जहां अपसामान्य गतिविधियां देखी जाती हैं। व  Read More...

Published on Jun 14,2022 12:26 PM

Haunted Mall

By Mudliyar Uday Kumar in True Story | Reads: 8,481 | Likes: 434

Haunted Mall The childrens in Sky city were used to not go in an mall where  paranormal activities  are seen . They also believe it that till today ghost are present .  The year was 2029 .  In Sky city one mall is there which name skyper mall . Now the people don't visit the mall  Read More...

Published on Jun 13,2022 09:07 PM

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