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Stanley George

Spreading Light and Love
Spreading Light and Love

Stanley George is a seeker who continues to search for the Truth and uses everyday learnings to grow into the knowledge of the Truth. He hails from a beautiful hamlet up in the hills of Idukki district, Kerala, and lives on a farm with his lovely wife, Susan, and two adorable dogs, Velvet and Hunter, apart from all the chickens and goats and cows at Milk N' Honey Farms. Read More...



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When leaders use the public forum to speak and propagate their beliefs and thought processes, be it religious views or political thoughts, it is the responsibility of the listener to make an informed decision. Whether or not they act on the preaching is a decision that the audience makes, every individual in the audience, and the consequences of those decisions, good or bad, are to be borne in its entirety by that individual. They will need to use their God-gi

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