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A Children today are in the condition of today's generation, where they fear becoming lost. The why and what about future questions will be addressed. Every child wants to have the best smartphone possible, thus this is an issue that is universal. However, you should also research smartphones and their advantages and cons. I am aware that no one nowadays uses a smartphone to complete any task, thus it is true that smartphones aid us in times of emergency. 

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The fast food boy

By Abhijit Deshmukh in Children's Literature | Reads: 2,025 | Likes: 16

In the rajpur names village a good family living and enjoying his life. There are three family members in their family. Raju father, gita mother and his naughty but fast food lover boy name as lokesh. Lokesh has 13 years old. Lokesh has fear of his father. One day lokesh come from school and ask for  Read More...

Published on Jun 12,2022 07:51 AM

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