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Akhilesh Bhagwat

Graphology Expert, Founder & CEO at Graphologymadesimple, Allin1hub
Graphology Expert, Founder & CEO at Graphologymadesimple, Allin1hub

Akhilesh Bhagwat is the Founder & CEO at Graphologymadesimple, Allin1hub. He is a Technologist and Behavioral Scientist who always being in leadership roles has been leading teams in delivering appropriate technical & non-technical solutions. Active Learning, Sharing, Applying the knowledge is what he is very passionate about. He is having 5+ yrs of practical experience in Graphology, Counseling, Psychology, Tech. Have successfully completed handwriting, signature analysis of people from 25 different countries with 98% success rate. Along with analysis he has also helped people improve their pRead More...


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Imagine yourself as someone who is able Shock, Impress people (someone special or strangers, friends) by finding their public personality with just signature. Along with that What if you are also able to save someone's life? This book will Teach You That!

In case you don't know, Graphology is a science of finding someone's whole personality with handwriting, sign.

We have always being told to do journaling or write our emotions down and wheneve

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