Unnati Bhardwaj

Student, Learner and Writer
Student, Learner and Writer

Born to Mr. Diwakar Kumar and Mrs. Sushmita, Unnati Bhardwaj is a 15-year-old free-spirited girl who wishes to pursue everything she yearns for. She has a passion for poems, stories, and music. Lately, she is studying at St. Joseph's Convent High School, Patna. She loves her circle of friends, her family, and the rain. She strongly believes that the rains are not just merely drops of water but blessings from heaven. The book, Meeting A Zombie, is her first. Read More...


Meeting A Zombie

Books by Unnati Bhardwaj

It is said that we see and know only 5% of the universe. What does the remaining 95% of it hide? Still a mystery. 

The story revolves around a boy named Manny and his strange desire to meet a zombie. However, fortune takes a turn and shakes his world. He learns something strange about the people with whom he was with for the last seven years. Soon he finds out about the delusion, he had been living in and ultimately realizes all the myst

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A Tale of Hearts and Love

By Unnati Bhardwaj in Romance | Reads: 2,447 | Likes: 10

 "Love is for expressing and hearts are for giving." The clouds roared followed by a flash of lightning. It was getting hard for the clouds to convince the rains to stop pouring down. My auto-rickshaw stopped with a jerk. “Where do you have to go?” The autowala asked the lady stand  Read More...

Published on Oct 2,2022 04:21 PM

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