I Knew I Could....Deep & Creative Journal Prompts

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This empowering journal prompts you to answer some hot burning questions about yourself because this is all about you, your accomplishments, your challenges, your failures and your successes. Filled with unique artistic pages it will encourage you to unearth, fuel and cultivate your superpowers. A journal for men, women, students, entrepreneurs, travellers, and all people who love self-discovery.
Write your travel sto

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My Vision Board Journal

Books by Aminah M

With this vision board journal, you will learn to recognise patterns and control your thought process and align what is running in your mind with your goals. With your thoughts aligned you will start manifesting your dreams and turning them into reality. You will discover one of the biggest secrets on how to begin living the life you want. You will learn to push your imagination and to intentionally dream with the focus of someone who knows they are going to s

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Scale Planning for the best version of ME

Books by Aminah M

Why Do I Need Scale Journal & Planner?
With Scale you will find it easy to chart your days, weeks and months.

This planner comes with beautiful designs to simplify and break down the days and weeks for you.

Why is it important to maintain a planner and journal?
A planner will help you focus on what is important and what needs your attention. You can create a list of tasks at the start of your day and work in a systematic way. The Journa

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Books by Aminah M

A dream that began on the sea shores of Mumbai and took the Gulmohar family to the Western Ghats, deep into the mountains of Matheran.

"Gulmohar A Home Amidst The Trees" keeps the reader turning pages as the story unravels and reveals twists and turns, a decision that changed lives, a haunted Dak house in Matheran, and an abandoned baby these are all part of this compelling story book.


The early morning sunlight streamed throu

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Under The Chinar Tree

Books by Aminah M

Azambad is the home for Zubi and Izu, two children who live with their loving and hard-working parents. It is a story that takes you deeo into the valleys and mountains and over the bridge of the Sona River and into the forest to spot the colourful Monal bird. Under the Chinar Tree is a story book for children and it brings the beauty of the valley alive for the reader.

Izu watched the train engine, with its carriages twist snakelike around a corner,

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Lockdown With Dirilis Ertugrul

Books by Aminah M

No…. No…No way is this is happening.

The morning news made my head spin.

I almost passed out on hearing the replay of the broadcast read out by the elegant lady in the mauve saree.

The news about the lockdown was aired in the ‘Midnight Special’ bulletin, so I…along with many other Indians…did not hear about it until today morning.

It was everywhere, FM, television.

However, when I

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My Marriage Journal

Books by Aminah M

This marriage journal brings to your table the best practices for a soulful and successful marriage.

It engages your mind and heart to look at marriage and your spouse in a graceful and unique way.

This union is not only about committing to live together but also a commitment towards each other, to do your best and to make your marriage thrive and not only survive.

With this journal you dicover your spouse their passions, and pave a pat

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By Aminah in Life Journey | Reads: 2,670 | Likes: 13

  Rita glanced at the clock as she hastily ran a brush through her straight silky hair.   She had a flight to take at 6 a.m. She had stayed awake most of last night getting her presentation ready for her meeting today with the coffee barons in Kochi. Her boss Anita had warned Rita that t  Read More...

Published on Jun 29,2022 06:09 PM

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