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Ankit Singh


Salesman: Origin of a Spy

Books by Buddy Ankit

An average bank executive becomes a part of an international conspiracy when a client drags him into the world of espionage where he not only has to run for his own but also uncover a major conspiracy. After a successful aerial strike across the border on a terrorist camp, the pilots goes missing and no one knows who is behind the conspiracy. 

The protagonist of the story is forced to join hands with a covert organization in order to find the peop

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Green Blood

Books by Buddy Ankit

Private Investigator Anup Dhawan is contacted by Dr. Nath before his death. Anup begins to investigate the murder with help of his ally Inspector Shah and uncovers a conspiracy around an illegal experiment which turns humans into live weapons and posess a threat to the mankind. 

Things get worse when an anarchist begins to use the experiment to create a reign of terror among the citizens. Anup discovers that the man he is trying to catch belongs t

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Powder And Corruption

Books by Buddy Ankit

A special agent investigates a homicide of a bank manager who was killed inside an elevator of the building where he used to live in a flat with his wife and a son. The investigation leads him to a connection which lies in his past and his personal life. 

He uncovers a web of lies and is also trailed by a powerful and shadowy figure of the town who has a strong link with a notorious and wanted drug lord of the town who is usually identified by a c

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Unnoticed: A Corporate Scandal

Books by Buddy Ankit

Accountant Darsh Agarwal joins a pharmaceutical company as a senior accounts manager. Little the staff knows about his past and his true identity. After an incident his HR Manager begins to question his true identity and his motive behind joining the company. Was he really an accountant or a man who has to settle an old score?

After his joining he begins to question about some suspicious activities carried on by the insiders. He teams with a cop w

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By Ankit Singh in Mystery | Reads: 1,358 | Likes: 3

The story starts with a blind artist Patrick Miller who was sitting in a bus which was on a way to his home. The bus arrived at a stop, Patrick walked out of the bus with the help of his walking stick. He kept on walking until he he heard a sound of footsteps at his back.  He stopped for a whil  Read More...

Published on Jun 24,2022 04:34 AM

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