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A  book full of amazing poems which will make you smile or leave you into cloud of darkness is really rare. Love, hate , joy, sorrow all mixed in one book to form bittersweet . Bittersweet  is core to heart . Just feel the emotions. To feel something or to read something amazing . Come and feel the emotions of your life in this one go .

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Family lantern

By Priya Mishra in Historical Fiction | Reads: 1,675 | Likes: 1

FAMILY LANTERN The room opened. Ronit's father Mr.Sunil Anurama was looking here and there. He didn't stop until they found it on a corner of a shelf. He picked up the box in his hand and closed the store room. HE put the box on the table nearby. He opened the box. He picked up the lantern and start  Read More...

Published on Jun 13,2022 02:49 PM


By Priya Mishra in True Story | Reads: 1,748 | Likes: 2

I think we all know what it feels to be crushed by your crush, and for those who don't, you are lucky that pain didn't attack you yet. I was also unaware of the pain that comes with happiness and a strange feeling in my stomach. It does feel so magnificent at first. I was just counting the chances t  Read More...

Published on Jun 12,2022 07:53 PM

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